laticrete mvis masonry veneer installation system is penn stone's featured product for september 2018

Featured Masonry Product: Laticrete MVIS

Sep 19, 2018 Ken Wenzel Featured Masonry Product

Use Laticrete’s MVIS Masonry Veneer Installation System for a stronger installation that saves time and money

Penn Stone is pleased to introduce Laticrete’s MVIS Masonry Veneer Installation System to our stocked line of masonry products. The key component to this system is Laticrete’s Masonry Veneer Mortar, a patented, versatile polymer-fortified mortar designed specifically for the installation of adhered masonry stone veneer. Laticrete’s MVIS is an ideal material for installation of both manufactured stone and natural thin veneer stone.  The high-performance mix of Masonry Veneer Mortar provides non-sag performance for vertical stone veneer installations and achieves maximum bond strength between the substrate and the veneer material.

Save time and money when installing stone veneer

Laticrete’s MVIS system typically allows for faster installation of all varieties of stone veneer, helping masonry contractors to save time and money. The “no sag” property eliminates or decreases the time needed to shim or hold the stone veneer in place until a firm bond is established.  And, when used in conjunction with a cement backer board and Laticrete’s Air & Water Barrier instead of a traditional lath-and-scratch system, contractors can typically prepare the wall faster, and can even install the substrate and stone veneer on the same day.

Protect yourself and your customers with Laticrete’s MVIS Warranty

Laticrete stands behind this system with a 15-year or 25-year warranty, depending on the substrate to which it’s applied.  This warranty provides peace of mind to architects, builders, and homeowners when selecting an adhered stone veneer for their new construction or home addition project.  

MVIS is now in-stock at Penn Stone

With our recent commitment to become a stocking dealer, Penn Stone now offers immediate availability and reduced pricing on Laticrete’s MVIS Veneer Mortar and Air & Water Barrier.  Contact us to learn more about this system, and save 10% on any MVIS purchase prior to October 15, 2018.

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