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Masonry & Hardscaping Materials

Visit Penn Stone for cement, sand, stone and more – everything to complete your masonry or hardscaping project

Penn Stone stocks a wide range of construction materials for masonry construction, masonry repointing and restoration, stone veneer and stucco installation, hardscaping installation and concrete constructionOur construction material product line includes:

  • Gray Masonry Cement: Masonry cement is at the core of buildings throughout Lancaster County, and is the foundation of Penn Stone’s masonry business. We stock standard grey Portland Cement, as well as Type N and Type S Masonry Cement, from Keystone Cement and Lehigh Cement.
  • Colored Masonry Cement: For brick or stone, you need some color to bring the masonry to life. We stock Lehigh Colored Masonry Cement in 16 colors.
  • Spec-Mix: Spec-Mix is the industry leader in premixed masonry products. We stock a variety of Spec-Mix products, including Portland-Lime Blend Type S and Spec-Mix Colored Mortar.
  • Laticrete MVIS: Laticrete’s Masonry Veneer Installation System product line is a superior system for installing natural thin veneer stone, manufactured stone and thin brick. We stock Laticrete’s MVIS Mortar, Hi-Bond Mortar, and Air and Water Barrier.
  • Limeworks: Limeworks is a pioneer in lime-based mortar for masonry restoration and repair. We stock Limeworks’ Ecologic Mortar in three colors along with Natural Hydraulic Lime. Other Limeworks products can be special-ordered, typically arriving within 5-7 days.
  • Sakrete: Sakrete sets the standard for premixed concrete mix. We stock Sakrete Concrete Mix in 40 lb. and 80 lb. bags, along with a variety of other specialty Sakrete products.
  • Concrete Block: Grey concrete block are the backbone of all masonry structures. We stock fifteen different sizes of solid and hollow concrete block.
  • Metal Lath, Corner Bead and Casing Bead: Finishing a building with stucco, stone veneer or thin brick requires these products to add strength and stability. We stock regular and self-furring metal lath, corner bead, casing bead, metal expansion, EZ Bead, and weep screed.
  • Moisture Control: Managing moisture in a stone veneer or thin brick wall requires a system of products behind the veneer to ensure that moisture does not enter the building. We stock Keene Rainscreen, JumboTex Grade D Paper, Tyvek StuccoWrap and traditional felt paper.
  • Sand & Stone: We have a variety of sand, crushed stone, and decorative gravel products available. These products are sold by the scoop, or customers are welcome to fill their own 5 gallon buckets. We also offer delivery in 1-ton or 2-ton bulk bags, or by dump truck.
  • Bagged Sand & Stone: Many of our sand and crushed stone products are available in 50-pound bags and 1-ton or 2-ton bulk bags
  • Masonry Accessories: We stock steel angles, flashing, weep holes and concrete block reinforcement for masonry construction.
  • Concrete Accessories: We stock rebar, reinforcing mesh, rubber expansion joint and concrete tubes for poured concrete construction.
  • BASF: BASF (formerly Thoro Systems Products) produces a range of specialty products for repairing and waterproofing masonry and concrete. We stock Thoroseal, Waterplug and Acyl 60. Other BASF/Thoro products can be special-ordered, typically arriving within 5-7 days.
  • Mapei: Mapei produces a range of specialty products for repairing concrete. We stock Planitop, Planitop X, Planitop XS and Concrete Renew. Other Mapei products can be special-ordered, typically arriving within 5-7 days.
  • Prosoco: Prosoco specializes in chemicals to clean, restore and protect vertical and horizontal masonry and hardscaping surfaces. Our stock products include Sure Klean 600 Detergent, Vana Trol, Restoration Cleaner, Concrete Cleaner, Siloxane PD, SLX 100, Saltguard. Other Prosoco products can be special-ordered, typically arriving within 5-7 days.
  • L&M: L&M Construction Chemicals specializes in products to protect and repair concrete surfaces. Our stock products include Duragrout, Aquapel, Lumiseal and Everbond.
  • Caulk: Caulk is an important component of a functional moisture control system between masonry finishes and adjacent surfaces. We stock Dymonic FC in fifteen colors, select colors in Vulkem 116 & Vulkem 45 and four sizes of caulk backer rod.
  • Hardscape Installation Accessories: Proper hardscaping installation includes a variety of accessory products. We stock woven- and non-woven separation fabric from SRW products, Snap Edge edge restraint, landscape spikes, hardscaping adhesive, and polymeric sand from Evolution, Techniseal, Polysweep and Easy Pro.
  • Masonry and Hardscaping Tools: We stock professional masonry and hardscaping tools, including levels, trowels, jointers & slickers, rules, grout bags, brushes, diamond blades, and more.
  • Glass Block: Glass block is a classic solution for simultaneously providing light and privacy in an exterior or interior wall. We can special-order a variety of glass block products from Pittsburgh Corning, Weck and Seves.
  • Engraved Brick, Stone and Pavers: Engraved brick, stone and concrete pavers are a great way to raise funds for a community organization or commemorate a memorable moment in the construction of your home, addition or outdoor room. We have decades of experience working with customers planning engraved projects – contact us to learn how we can help you get started.