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Fire Pits & Outdoor Fireplaces

Outdoor fire creates a mesmerizing feature in any outdoor room

Outdoor fire adds life to any outdoor space, day or night. Fire features in your landscape provide warmth on cool evenings and bring family and friends together. Adding fire can be as easy as purchasing a freestanding fire pit or tabletop fireplace; or, for a fire feature that’s a permanent element in your outdoor room, install a built-in fire pit or fireplace. Fuel choices depend on your preference for the right balance of heat, ambiance and convenience. Stop by our showroom and let our staff help you select the right combination of outdoor furniture and fire pit for a stunning outdoor living space.

breeo phoenix freestanding fire pit

Freestanding Fire Pits

For many, a freestanding fire pit is the easiest place to start thinking about adding fire to the landscape. Freestanding fire pits are available in a variety of styles to match your personal tastes, and because they’re portable, can be put in place in fall, winter and spring, but stored for the summer. In most cases, fire pits are meant to be wood-burning, although some feature factory-installed options for natural gas or propane, or can be adapted to gas with a kit from Outdoor Greatroom Company. We carefully select fire pits that will be durable and dependable for years - in most instances, this means offering products constructed with ¼” thick steel or heavy-gauge copper. We feature freestanding fire pits from Breeo, Outdoor Greatroom Company, Fire Pit Art, Jatex, and Firepits UK.

rivercrest fire pit in coastal slate color by unilock

Built-In Fire Pits

If you’re ready to commit to a permanently installed fire feature, consider a built-in fire pit or fireplace. Fire pits are typically constructed of concrete retaining wall block or natural stone, can be round or square, and can burn wood, natural gas or propane. Wood burning fire pit kits typically include either a steel ring to protect the exterior wall from heat, or a Zentro Smoke-Less insert for a cleaner burning fire. For the convenience of a gas-burning fire pit, add an Outdoor Greatroom burner kit to burn either natural gas or propane. These kits are available in a variety of sizes, and can be finished with black lava rock or your choice of decorative fire glass. We feature fire pit wall kits from EP Henry and Unilock.

outdoor rumford fireplace by superior clay

Outdoor Fireplaces

To create the ultimate focal point in your outdoor space, choose an outdoor fireplace. Outdoor brick fireplaces create a stunning focal point in your outdoor room, and allow you to have a built-in fire feature adjacent to your space, rather than in the center of your patio. For a wood-burning fireplace, options include site-built masonry construction or the pre-designed simplicity of an Isokern modular fireplace. For gas burning, we feature ready-to-finish fireplaces from Outdoor Greatroom Company.

hammered copper fire table by ow lee

Fire Tables

For socializing in comfort around an outdoor fire, we offer a variety of fire table options from select outdoor furniture manufacturers. Fire tables feature a premium tabletop with an integrated fire feature burning either gas or bioethanol. Natural gas models can be connected directly to your household supply line. Liquid propane models typically feature tank storage in the table base, or include a small accessory side table that doubles as a tank cover. Bioethanol fire tables offer great ambiance, and are filled manually prior to each use, eliminating the need for a permanent gas line or cumbersome propane tanks. We feature gas-burning fire tables from Outdoor Greatroom Company, OW Lee, and Lloyd Flanders.

lighthouse tabletop bioethanol fire feature by ecosmart

Tabletop Fire Feature

If you’re interested in a simpler approach to outdoor fire, our tabletop fire features may be the perfect fit. These stylish, compact units typically burn bioethanol or gel fuel, adding a little bit of warmth and a lot of ambiance to your outdoor room. And, when outdoor living season is over, these clean-burning models can safely move inside for year-round use. We feature tabletop fireplaces from Ecosmart Fire and Anywhere Fireplace.

At Penn Stone, we carefully select brands that allow us to offer our customers top-quality products at a range of prices. Learn more about our outdoor fire pit and fireplace partners below.