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European Outdoor Furniture Right in Your Own Backyard

Feb 29, 2024 John McGrann outdoor furniture

How to Complete the Look of Your Patio with Modern Outdoor Furniture

Pairing a beautiful new outdoor patio with outdoor furniture that reflects your style is what makes that space uniquely yours. And if you’re like the many homeowners we guide through the design process, modern styles constructed from high-quality materials are a must.

Penn Stone’s outdoor living specialists have an eye for stylish, modern outdoor furniture with timeless design appeal. They’ve put together a round-up of their favorite European outdoor furniture brands to help you find the right pieces for your patio and other outdoor spaces.

Four of Our Favorite Modern Outdoor Furniture Brands, Ready to Perk Up Your Patio



HOUE captures the beauty of simplicity in each of its outdoor pieces. This Danish brand offers a collection of outdoor chairs, dining tables, and lounge chairs in a variety of materials, from power-coated metal and aluminum in soft natural colors to natural bamboo and granite finishes. HOUE’s modern yet timeless designs are a customer favorite and one of our team’s top picks.


Another of our most popular European outdoor furniture brands is Cane-line. Known for its elegant Danish design features, Cane-line’s outdoor seating options are as comfortable as they are stylish. Customers tell us they love Cane-line’s dedication to using recycled materials and how pieces require minimal maintenance and cleaning. You’ll find many of Cane-line’s beautiful outdoor tables and chairs dotting the Penn Stone showroom.


Elegant, colorful, and a little funky, Fermob offers unmistakably modern outdoor furniture and accessories to let your personality shine through your outdoor space. We offer a large selection of Fermob outdoor tables and chairs as well as accessories like Fermob’s outdoor table lamps. Find our favorite Fermob pieces throughout the Penn Stone showroom; we know you’ll love this brand as much as we do.


For homeowners wanting just a touch of European style, emu may quickly become your favorite outdoor living brand. Our customers love the stylish yet understated design of emu’s Italian outdoor dining tables, dining chairs, and lounge sets. Adding emu to your patio and other outdoor spaces will create an instant sense of calm; the perfect choice for creating a relaxing Life Built Outdoors.

No Need to Shop Alone; Our Outdoor Specialists Will Pair You with the Perfect Outdoor Furniture


Today, European outdoor furniture styles are right in your own backyard. Visit our outdoor living showroom at 190 West Ross Street in Lancaster, PA – one of the only showrooms in Pennsylvania offering a wide selection of modern styles to complete the look of your outdoor space.

While you’re here, get design advice from one of our outdoor specialists or simply browse our outdoor furniture selection. 

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