terracotta stucco with heavy trowel texture


Choose stucco for an exterior finish that perfectly complements stone and brick

Stucco is one of the most versatile and affordable exterior finishes available, and is widely used in Lancaster County as a complementary finish on the exterior of brick or stone homes. Penn Stone carries materials for traditional three-coat stucco as well as MasterWall Superior Finishes, a 100% acrylic alternative to the finish coat of any stucco application. We also stock all components for a complete stucco system, including vapor barrier products, rainscreen, metal lath & bead, and weep screed.

Three-Coat Stucco

True stucco is a Portland-cement plaster material that is durable, breathable and colorfast. Stucco’s finish will often feature subtle variations in color, and can be applied in a variety of textures to add visual interest to the wall. Stucco performs best when applied in a three-coat system. A three-coat stucco system includes a scratch coat, a brown coat, and the finish coat. The scratch coat consists of masonry cement or a Portland cement & lime blend, troweled over metal lath, then “scratched” with a scarifier to improve the adhesion of the next coat. The brown coat is applied to smooth over the scratches, adds thickness and strength to the system, and prepares the wall for the finish coat. The finish coat is a colored Portland cement product formulated for stucco applications, and can be applied in a wide range of textures.

Masterwall Superior Finishes

If you prefer a more perfect finish than authentic stucco, consider Masterwall Superior Finishes instead. Masterwall is applied as the finish coat in a traditional stucco system, and Masterwall offers a similar overall appearance, but with less variation in color and greater uniformity of texture. Masterwall products feature Dirt Pickup Resist and crack-resistant polymers for increased peace of mind that the exterior of your building will retain its true color and unblemished texture for years to come.