unilock bristol valley concrete paver patio with rivercrest wall columns and retaining wall

Concrete Hardscaping

Start with concrete hardscaping to create a beautiful outdoor room

Interlocking concrete pavers and segmental retaining wall systems offer beautiful, affordable and functional solutions for creating patios, walkways, driveways and walls. With dozens of patterns and colors to choose from, you can select the ideal combination to customize your outdoor room. Penn Stone features three manufacturers of concrete pavers and retaining walls: EP Henry, Unilock and Belgard.

unilock beacon hill flagstone coffee creek concrete patio paver

Concrete Pavers

Concrete pavers are are manufactured to precise dimensions to make installation straightforward for both seasoned professionals or do-it-yourself homeowners. Pavers are available in a wide array of patterns and colors to create pavements to fit any landscape design. Classic patterns such as EP Henry’s Old Town Cobble and Unilock’s Brussels replicate the look of a cobblestone path. If your style is more contemporary, choose Village Square or Artline for a crisp beveled edge and a clean look. Or, explore some of the newest concrete paving slabs such as Bristol Stone, Chiseled Stone, Beacon Hill Flagstone or Thornbury for larger, multi-size patterns with a realistic stone-like texture.

unilock courtstone vehicular cobblestone concrete paver

Specialty Concrete Pavers

Improvements in concrete manufacturing technology have created the opportunity to develop advanced concrete paving products with colors and textures that closely resemble natural stone or real brick. EP Henry’s Devonstone collection and Unilock’s Reala technology produce concrete paving that combines the benefits of manufactured concrete hardscaping, cast from beautiful natural materials.

Retaining Walls, Garden Walls & Seat Walls

Concrete hardscaping wall systems are available in a variety of options as well. Single-size wall systems such as EP Henry’s Terracewall or Belgard’s 9D offer practical solutions for retaining walls where function is the top priority. Walls such as EP Henry’s Coventry Wall III or Unilock’s Estate Wall include different size blocks with a distressed finish to produce greater variety and a more interesting look. These wall systems are also double-sided for use to define a courtyard or construct seat walls. Newer wall systems such as EP Henry’s Cast Stone Wall and Unilock’s Rivercrest Wall and U-Cara wall move beyond the split concrete block appearance to provide a natural stone look in installer-friendly landscape wall systems.

ep henry coventry curbstone concrete edging stone in pewter blend color

Concrete Hardscaping Borders

For simpler projects like defining a landscape bed or edging a walkway, consider concrete hardscaping borders. Products like EP Henry’s Edgestone or Curbstone offer a straightforward solution to creating a landscape border. They are available in four colors, are easy to install and are more affordable than natural stone products like granite Belgium Block.