tuuci single cantilever umbrella on brick pool deck with sling chaise loung chairs

Outdoor Shade

Patio umbrellas and awnings keep you cool in the shade

Outdoor shade solutions for your outdoor room can cool off a sweltering day or protect you from the glare of the rising or setting sun. Penn Stone features traditional patio umbrellas, cantilever umbrellas and retractable awnings to protect you from the bright sun and improve the comfort of your outdoor room.

Market Umbrellas

A traditional patio umbrella or market umbrella is often the starting point when considering a source of shade for your outdoor room. Umbrellas can be installed in an outdoor dining table or can be freestanding . They range in size from 6’ to 16’, and are typically hexagonal in shape, but can also be round, square or rectangular. For added style, consider a specialty shade sculpture from TUUCI. With all umbrellas, we can customize your selection with a wide range of canopy fabric and pole finish options. We feature market umbrellas from TUUCI, Treasure Garden and Bambrella.

Cantliever Umbrellas

Cantilever umbrellas provide more flexibility for adding shade to your outdoor space, with the canopy suspended over your dining table or seating group. They also allow you more easily reposition the canopy to produce shade exactly where it’s needed. Cantilever umbrellas depend on a sturdy pole and either a substantial base or an in-ground mount. We feature cantilever umbrellas from TUUCI, Treasure Garden and Bambrella.

Retractable Awnings

Retractable awnings provide a discreet and sophisticated solution for adding shade adjacent to your home. We offer retractable awnings from Solair, part of the Sunbrella family of companies. Solair awnings are sturdy, and come standard with a convenient remote control as well as a wind sensor to protect your investment from unexpected gusts of wind. Retractable awnings range in length from 12 feet to 20 feet, and are available in a wide range of stylish fabrics from Sunbrella. We recommend professional installation for all Solair retractable awnings. Visit our showroom or contact us to learn more about Solair retractable awnings and to request a quote.