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Brick is an ancient and timeless building material that perfectly blends durability with color, texture and character.

Choose brick and you’ll discover the timeless beauty of one of the world’s classic building materials. No other exterior finish offers brick’s wide range of available colors and textures, and homes and buildings built with brick are more comfortable and more durable than homes finished with stone veneer, stucco or siding. Full-size face brick is made as either extruded brick or molded brick.

Visit our showroom to see and feel the color and texture of Penn Stone’s face brick and thin brick collection. To help you find the perfect selection for your upcoming project, we display nearly 70 samples of face brick and thin brick, and have over 400 additional samples available from: Glen-Gery Brick, Pine Hall Brick, Meridian Brick, McAvoy Brick, and Stiles & Hart.

Extruded Brick

Extruded bricks are produced by pushing a mass of clay through a metal die to produce a long slab, which is then sliced to produce individual bricks. Extruded brick typically feature smooth, crisp edges, although sometimes texture will be applied to add contour and character to the edges before firing. Extruded brick can also be finished with glazed or klaycoat finishes to achieve a wide range of brilliant colors.

Molded Brick

Molded brick are produced by compressing clay into a wooden box and shaking the mold box to release the unfired brick. The brick is coated in sand during the molding process to allow the brick to release more easily, and this sand coating subsequently produces the final color of the brick during the firing process. Molded brick feature softer, slightly irregular edges, giving your home or building a classic style.

glen gery brandywine handmade oversize brick with custom shape arch and medallion

Specialty Brick Shapes

Brick shapes provide designers with the opportunity to make buildings more beautiful and more functional. Specialty brick shapes include water table brick, sills, treads, corners and arches. Water table and sill brick are beautiful accents that also guide rainwater down a building’s facade or away from a window opening. Tread shapes make brick staircases safer and more durable. Custom corner bricks allow a mason to create precise angles without cutting. Flat arches, jack arches and circular arches can be simply decorative or fully structural, creating a beautiful architectural detail while also adding strength to brickwork above window and door openings.

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Thin Brick

In addition to full-size building brick, we offer many options for thin brick. Thin bricks offer the perfect solution when full size brick is impossible or impractical. Interior projects such as kitchen backsplashes, fireplace surrounds, and finished basements are perfect opportunities to use thin brick to add a beautiful masonry look without requiring complicated construction. For exterior applications such as outdoor kitchens, garden walls and chimneys thin brick allows you to choose brick without the need to construct a masonry footer. Thin brick technology is always improving, and now includes panel systems to streamline installation and numerous products to ensure proper moisture control.

At Penn Stone, we carefully select a mix of brands in order to offer our customers top-quality products at a range of prices. Learn more about our face brick and thin brick partners below.