superior clay rumford fireplace with natural stone facade and stone hearth in beautiful sunroom in the woods with snow falling


The fireplace is the heart of a home

Fireplaces make a stunning focal point in your home. A well-designed fireplace creates a gathering place for lively conversation, or becomes a cozy spot for staying warm on a chilly evening. At Penn Stone, we stock the materials and components for building wood-burning, masonry fireplaces. Masonry fireplaces can be built in either a standard or Rumford configuration, and can be constructed indoors or outdoors.

Visit our showroom where our experienced team can assist you with proper fireplace and chimney design, and can consult with technical experts at Superior Clay Corporation and the Buckley Rumford Company for unique design challenges.

Standard Fireplaces

Standard fireplace designs feature a deep firebox and a wide opening. In a standard fireplace, the damper is towards the front of the firebox, the throat slopes forward from the back wall of the firebox, and you build the fire behind the damper. Standard fireplaces can be designed to fit nearly any room. With a standard fireplace, it’s important to plan for the proper combination of chimney height and firebox dimensions - height, width and depth - to ensure that your fireplace burns cleanly.

Rumford Fireplaces

Rumford fireplaces are, for most homes, an improvement over the standard masonry fireplace - their tall dimensions are elegant and dramatic, and they radiate more heat into the room. The firebox in a Rumford fireplace is shallow and tall, so the fire sits closer to the front of the room, and the large opening reflects more heat into the room. To achieve this, Rumford fireplaces rely on a curved, streamlined throat that minimizes turbulent air, allowing smoke and combustion by-products to flow efficiently up the chimney with minimal heat loss.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Our indoor fireplace systems are also perfectly suited for building outdoor fireplaces. Outdoor fireplace construction is usually simpler than building a fireplace inside your home - no damper is required, and the outdoor environment reduces the need for a tall chimney. Outdoor fireplaces can be constructed using traditional or Rumford masonry components, or consider the pre-designed simplicity of an Isokern modular fireplace.

Finishing Touches: Hearths & Mantels

A fireplace is the defining feature of a room, and should stand out from its surroundings. Fireplaces are typically finished in masonry, and we can assist you in our showroom to browse our collection of stone veneer, brick or thin brick and find the ideal selection to define your style and coordinate with your color palette. We also offer a selection of stone for your hearth and mantel, to match or complement the exterior of the fireplace.

Chimney Pots

To enhance the style and performance of your fireplace and chimney, consider adding a Superior Clay Chimney Pot. Chimney pots serve the dual purpose of beautifying the exterior of your home and adding height to your chimney, improving the draw of your wood-burning masonry fireplace. Superior Clay offers more than 60 chimney pot styles to choose from, in a wide range of sizes and styles.