unilock's 2021 collection includes bristol valley patio pavers in steel mountain

Unilock Concrete Hardscaping 2021 Update

Feb 18, 2021 John McGrann Uncategorized

It’s nearly spring, and we’re issuing our first price list and product line update for 2021 for Unilock pavers and walls. Unilock made several product and color changes, and Penn Stone continues to expand our commitment to the Unilock product line.  Read on to learn about the important changes to the Unilock product line for this year.

Color changes

Unilock continues to refine their combination of patterns and colors, creating a lineup where the same colors are more frequently available in most patterns.  In 2021, the notable color changes are:

  • Fossil has been added to numerous patterns, including Artline, Bristol Valley, Westport and Holland Premier.
  • New York Blend is discontinued in Bristol Valley, Brussels, and Fullnose
  • Sandstone is discontinued in Brussels.
  • In Artline, Copper Ridge and Tuscany are discontinued.
  • In Mattoni, Granite Blend is added, and Cocoa Brown is discontinued.

Other product changes

Other notable product changes are:

  • Thornbury Smooth is a new product introduction, and replaces original Thornbury which is discontinued. Thornbury Smooth is available in Steel Mountain and Bavarian.
  • Treo Smooth Permeable is new for 2021, and is available in Steel Mountain and Fossil.
  • Beacon Hill Flagstone XL is discontinued in all colors, but Beacon Hill Smooth XL remains in the collection.
  • In U-Cara, Series Fascia Panels will now be 3” tall, and 6” panels are discontinued.

Penn Stone and Unilock

Regarding Penn Stone’s Unilock inventory and pricing, some important highlights are:

  • Treo and Transition continue to be Unilock’s most affordable patio paver options
  • We are now stocking all colors of Copthorne, Courtstone and Town Hall.
  • We are offering all Rivercrest products in customer-friendly quantities – walls and jumpers are available by the layer, regular corners by the pair, jumper corners by the piece.
  • We continue to develop our U-Cara inventory. We stock all three sizes of backer block, and are gradually expanding our stock of fascia panels based on customer interest.

We will be making several display updates to reflect these changes.

Finally, Penn Stone made a significant commitment to Unilock’s Winter Booking program for 2021. It was very challenging and frustrating last year to manage product availability and customer expectations, and we have invested nearly $50,000 in inventory to start the season, including:

  • Over 6,000 square feet of Beacon Hill Flagstone, in these colors: Fossil, Sierra, Steel Mountain
  • Nearly 2,500 square feet of Bristol Valley, in these colors: Bavarian and Steel Mountain
  • 1,000 square feet of Copthorne in Basalt
  • Nearly 500 square feet of Rivercrest in both Buff and Coastal Slate

2021 Outlook

With this in mind, we have two requests as we start the 2021 season with Unilock. First, when planning a project, please communicate with us as early as possible about the product, color and quantity requirements.  Even when this information is only preliminary, it can be invaluable to help us ensure that we have the material you need on time, or to alert you to availability problems in a timely manner.  Second, please be flexible and prepare your customers for this as well.  We expect inventory to be lean and lead times to be long on some products.  We will do our best to offer as many options as possible for products that must be completed by a deadline, and we will work to acquire hard-to-get products as quickly as possible when necessary.

Winter Training with Unilock

And last but not least, while a few weeks of winter weather remain, consider spending time exploring Unilock’s Boots Online virtual training.  This 10-session series features a wide range of topics, including Hardscape 101, Faster Verticals, Efficiency Tools, and Mechanical Installation. New topics are broadcast every Tuesday and Thursday, and all presentations are available on-demand at this link.

Visit Penn Stone for more information

Unilock 2021 catalogs are available now, and you can also download a PDF version from our website at this page. To pick up catalogs and learn more about Penn Stone and Unilock in 2021, please visit our showroom. And for professional contractors, click here to download our 2021 Unilock Price List.

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