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AIA Accredited Program: Enhanced Performance Installation Systems for Adhered Masonry Veneer

On January 31 at 1pm Penn Stone will host an AIA-accredited program, Enhanced Performance Installation Systems for Thin Adhered Masonry Veneer, presented by Laticrete.

This CEU will focus on new installation methods, substrates and waterproofing options for Adhered Masonry Veneer (Thin Brick, Manufactured Stone and Thin Natural Stone) exterior façade finishes. Standards development and code compliance will be discussed. A case study overview will be presented between materials used and costs for a traditional masonry construction versus a thin adhered lightweight veneer structure. Attendees will gain an overall understanding of some of the new building envelope construction methods and will develop a better understanding of the influence of energy efficient design on construction trends.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the design principles and products related to thin adhered masonry veneer.
  • Compare and contrast the traditional versus new technology installation systems to adhere thin veneer products to the exterior façade of a building.
  • Review standards development and code compliance for adhered masonry veneers.
  • Develop a better understanding of how the green trend is affecting core and shell design, and the future requirements for incorporating energy efficiency into structures.
  • Analyze the cost comparison between traditional methods and new technology installation methods for adhered masonry

This program qualifies for 1 Learning Unit, HS&W.

This session is free to attend.

The presentation will begin at 1pm. All attendees are welcome to arrive at 12:30pm to enjoy complimentary lunch.

laticrete mvis aia accredited program presented by penn stone

Event Details

January 31, 2023

1:00 pm - 2:30 pm


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