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Unilock 2020 Contractor Update

Mar 06, 2020 John McGrann Concrete Hardscaping Contractor news Unilock

We recently received 2020 product and pricing information from Unilock. There are numerous important changes, as well as updated pricing. Read on for a summary of these changes.

Added and discontinued products

The most notable update involves Unilock’s efforts to offer the same range of colors across their most popular patterns. To achieve this, colors were added and deleted within Beacon Hill Flagstone, Beacon Hill Smooth, Treo and Transition collections, and these patterns will now be available in the colors below:

  • Almond Grove
  • Fossil
  • NY Blend
  • Sierra
  • Tuscany
  • Steel Mountain

Other paver product additions include:

  • Thornbury in Steel Mountain
  • Bristol Valley Easy Clean in New York Blend

There are also some notable product deletions, including:

  • Brussels pavers in Coffee Creek
  • Thornbury pavers in Sierra
  • Westport EasyClean pavers in Sierra
  • Brussels Dimensional Taper Wall in all colors
  • Brussels Wall Coping in all colors

Penn Stone changes with Unilock products

Along with these changes by Unilock, Penn Stone is changing some product policies and pricing for 2020. Those changes are:

  • For customers using the red colors of Copthorne, we will promote using a 3-color blend of Burgundy Red, Burnt Clay and Old Oak. We believe this will produce an overall more predictable color, and will allow for better matching in the future. If a customer requires a single color, we will accommodate that request.
  • We revised our unit price and “sold by” for two Rivercrest products:
    • Rivercrest Corners will be sold by the pair (previously by the layer)
    • Rivercrest Corner Jumpers will be sold by the piece (previously by the layer)
  • We revised our unit price and “sold by” for U-Cara Corner/Closed End – this product will now be by the pair (previously by the layer)

Price updates

Pricing on most Unilock products increased, but there were some price decreases and there are several products where it’s worth noting the attractive pricing.

  • There was a price decrease on U-Cara pitched and smooth fascia panels
  • There was a price decrease on select Ledgestone products
  • Pricing on Transition, Treo and Hollandstone remains very attractive

Click here for Penn Stone’s secure price list page.

Display update and 2020 Catalogs

We are underway with updates to our outdoor showroom display, with new installations of Thornbury, Westport, Umbriano Chamfered, Mattoni, Bristol Valley, and U-Cara, as well as color updates for Beacon Hill Flagstone, Treo and Brussels.

Finally, Unilock recently released their 2020 catalog in print and as a downloadable PDF. Click here to download, or stop in to pick up your copy and to tour our updated display and learn more about these changes for the upcoming season!

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