Pet-safe and Plant-safe Ice Melt

Dec 15, 2020 John McGrann Tips & Advice

As winter approaches we often hear questions about pet-friendly, plant-friendly and surface-friendly ice melt products, especially from our customers in Downtown Lancaster where dogs are encountering harmful products on city sidewalks.

We offer two ice-melt products: MAG Pellets and Cope Performance Blend:

  • MAG Pellets are the most pet-friendly option. They are more expensive than traditional ice melt, but much safer for pets, better for trees & shrubs, and less damaging to brick and concrete sidewalks. MAG Pellets are $27 per 50-pound bag.
  • Cope Performance Blend is more affordable, still very safe for pets, and continues to melt at temperatures as low as 25-degrees below zero. Cope Performance Blend is $18.90 per 50-pound bag.

To compare these products alongside other more traditional ice-melt solutions, see the chart below courtesy of The Cope Company, then stop in to prepare for winter’s worst!

penn stone carries mag pellets and cope performance blend ice melt for lancaster city residents and pet friendly sidewalks

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