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Italian Outdoor Porcelain Tile Pavers Are Making a Name for Themselves in the U.S.

Jul 26, 2023 John McGrann patio pavers Uncategorized

As Homeowners Opt for Durability & Elegance, Porcelain is Becoming Even More Attractive


Outdoor porcelain is having a moment. Or, perhaps more of a resurgence. While we often think of porcelain as fragile, outdoor porcelain tile pavers are actually a perfect blend of beauty and durability making them a desirable patio paver option.

And the desire for porcelain is catching on. Homeowners in the U.S. are starting to discover that not only is porcelain durable but it’s one of the strongest and timeless options when investing in an outdoor patio.

To help homeowners decide if porcelain is right for their patio, we spoke with outdoor porcelain Ryan Toscano of EP Henry Mirage to learn more. 

Q: Penn Stone: Porcelain is typically thought of as a fragile material. The most common question we’re asked by customers is, “Are outdoor porcelain tile pavers durable?”

A: Ryan Toscano: They’re extremely durable. Outdoor porcelain pavers are similar to indoor porcelain tiles but thicker and, therefore, much stronger and resistant to wear and tear. 

Porcelain is non-porous so its surface won’t stain, and it’s scratch-resistant; two reasons why it’s a great choice for families. And porcelain won’t fade, unlike some other paver materials. It’s one of the toughest materials you can choose for your outdoor patio.

Q: Penn Stone: Are porcelain pavers slippery?

A: Ryan Toscano: Many people associate porcelain with glossy, slick surfaces. Outdoor porcelain, however; is a non-slip surface making it perfect for pools and uncovered patios. I recommend porcelain for homes with young children and elderly people, in particular. 

Q: Penn Stone: Do porcelain pavers get hot in the summer?

A: Ryan Toscano: Another great attribute of porcelain pavers is their heat resistance. But, if you’re concerned with temperature, choose a lighter color of porcelain as darker colors will naturally retain more heat. 

Porcelain pavers are also frost-resistant, which makes them durable even during the coldest months. You can go ahead and sprinkle de-icing salt right on your porcelain patio when ice and snow hit. Because of porcelain’s non-porous surface, the salt won’t damage your pavers. 

Q: Penn Stone: How should homeowners clean their porcelain pavers?

A: Ryan Toscano: Porcelain pavers don’t require much in the way of cleaning; just a simple wash with a diluted bleach solution is all they need. 

Don’t use wax, oily soaps, or any off-the-shelf cleaning products. Many times these cleaners contain waxes that can leave behind a coating on the pavers, altering their appearance. 

The fact that porcelain is so easy to care for is one of the biggest reasons they’re worth considering for your patio. With regular patio maintenance and general cleaning, a porcelain tile paver patio can last 50-70 years. It’s truly an investment to last generations.

To learn more about the beauty and durability of outdoor porcelain tile pavers and experience EP Henry Mirage porcelain pavers first-hand, visit our showroom at 190 West Ross Street, Lancaster, PA. Or schedule an appointment with our design advisor who will help you find the perfect porcelain paver for your outdoor patio.

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