breeo smoke-less fire pits are penn stone's featured hardscaping product for september 2018

Featured Hardscaping Product: Breeo Smoke-Less Fire Pits

Sep 20, 2018 Greg Mayfield Featured Hardscaping Product

Enjoy smoke-less evenings around the fire pit with Breeo

Our featured hardscaping product for September 2018 is Breeo Smoke-Less fire pits, part of our extensive collection of outdoor fire features. Breeo manufactures in Lancaster County, and pioneered a patented design that has grown into a complete line of freestanding fire pits and fire pit inserts. Breeo’s smoke reducing technology features a double-wall design which directs pressurized heated oxygen to the top of a fire, where it mixes with and reburns smoke, minimizing the amount of smoke released from the fire pit.

The Breeo advantage

Breeo fire pit customers discover that:

  • If the wind is blowing, there’s no need to move their chair
  • At the end of the night, no one goes home smelling like smoke
  • You don’t need to shower to get the smell of smoke out of your hair

Four designs to choose from

Breeo’s product line includes four designs:

  • Ablaze: The original stand-alone unit made of heavy duty steel, comes fully assembled, and is ideal for home, your cabin or even a campsite. By attaching any of the cooking accessories, you can instantly convert your fire pit into an outdoor cooking unit, using the same smoke-less technology to create a hotter and more even cooking surface. Your food will cook faster and will have the added delicious flavor from cooking over an open flame.
  • Double Flame: The Double Flame is designed as a lighter-weight fire pit (under 65 pounds) and is easily transported to from your backyard to the campsite or beachfront. It comes in 19” and 24” sizes and is available in stainless steel or heavy-duty painted steel.
  • Luxeve: If you’re looking for a less traditional, more decorative fire pit, the Luxeve is the perfect unit for you. A powder coated exterior, stainless steel construction and decorative fire glass around the rim distinguishes Luxeve by adding a level of beauty and style. Exterior finish is available in five powder-coated colors or stainless steel and your choice of five different colors of decorative fire pit glass to create your own personal look.
  • Zentro: The Zentro is an insert for stone or retaining wall block fire rings. Breeo’s best-selling product, the Zentro is available in three sizes ranging from 24” to 32”, two shapes (square and round) and two finishes (black and stainless steel). For hardscaping professionals, the Zentro creates an opportunity to improve your clients’ outdoor fire feature experience with an upgrade that is fits nicely into most fire pit systems from EP Henry, Unilock and Semco Stone.
  • Breeo also offers accessories to convert your fire pit into an efficient cooking unit by adding a grill, griddle, or a winch and kettle.

Stop in today to see the Breeo product line, and learn more about their smoke-reducing technology, and now through October 15, 2018 save 10% on all Breeo fire pits at Penn Stone.

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