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Project Profile: Adding Value to Your Home with a New Stone Walkway

Oct 29, 2023 John McGrann patio pavers Uncategorized

A Q&A with Designer Lauren Engle of Eshelman Mill Gardens & Landscapes

Saying goodbye to a concrete pathway in favor of a custom stone walkway may seem like a relatively small home upgrade. It’s certainly no kitchen renovation or home addition. 

And yet, the impact of these ‘small’ projects is significant. A natural flagstone walkway woven across a beautifully landscaped property until it reaches a home’s entry can feel more like art than function when properly designed. 

That’s why Lauren Engle loves what she does for a living. A landscape designer at Eshelman Mill Gardens and Landscapes in Lancaster, Lauren works with homeowners to elevate their homes from original concrete slab walkways and patios to elegant stone entryways. 

In short, Lauren helps her clients fall in love with their homes each day before they walk through the door.

That was the case with Lauren’s recent clients, Kristy and Adam Aurand of Lancaster.  We worked with Lauren to help the Aurands create a beautiful outdoor space. So, we got back together with Lauren to see how the project went and get her insights on how other homeowners can transform their homes with a ‘simple’ stone walkway.

Q. How did you begin rethinking the Aurand’s walkway to create a more inviting entry?

There are so many ways you can add value to your home by making your walkway more appealing. For instance, you can remove a concrete walkway in favor of a beautiful flagstone walkway to enhance your home’s existing features. You can also change the angle of your walkway to allow for a slower approach to the front door which allows guests to take in the beauty of your home.

Kristy and Adam’s original walkway was a concrete path that led from the driveway to their front door. The challenge was that it sat too close to the garage and didn’t allow for a soft buffer between the garage and the sidewalk. They were looking to upgrade this area with something more creative and inviting. 

Q. What tips do you have for homeowners who want to soften the look of their entryway?

  There are several ways homeowners can create the softer look they want. With the Aurands’ home, we added boxwood hedges to create a half wall. This gave us a visual barrier between the yard and the walkway which softened that edge. 

Changing out plants and mulches can also have a dramatic effect. We added fresh mulch to better manicure the gardens bordering the walkway. Lighting is another highly impactful addition that often gets overlooked. Strategically placed landscape lighting will really add to the ambiance and make your home much more inviting. 

Q. We love landscape lighting as the finishing polish on outdoor spaces. What advice can you offer homeowners debating whether to add lighting?

  Adding half lights around a stone walkway paired with low-voltage lighting as uprights on their trees really takes a property and entryway to a whole new level. With this approach, you’ll create a beautiful balance of light across the house and remove dark spots. 

Lighting makes a bigger impact than most homeowners realize. Yes, it’s an additional cost. But when you invest in your home’s hardscaping, lighting adds the finishing touch that brings the entire space together.

We certainly saw this with Kristy and Adam’s home. They were originally hesitant about adding landscape lighting, not sure it was necessary. But like most homeowners, once they saw the impact of the lighting features, they were very happy with the investment.

When you’re ready to redesign your stone walkway, we’ll be here to guide you.

Our design advisor can guide you through the walkway design process and match you with prospective stone walkway contractors to create the perfect stone walkway for your home.

Visit our showroom at 190 West Ross Street in Lancaster, PA, to get started. Or, schedule an appointment with our design advisor to learn more.


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