penn stone provides updates on ep henry patio pavers and retaining walls for 2021

EP Henry Concrete Hardscaping 2021 Update

Mar 10, 2021 John McGrann Contractor news EP Henry

EP Henry has several exciting introductions this year, most notably a new style of Cast Stone Wall and multiple additions to their eco-friendly Solidia line, including their Trilogy paver. Read on to learn about the important changes to the EP Henry product line for this year.

New product introductions

EP Henry introduced some important new products for this year.

The first and most significant introduction is their newest Solidia paver, Trilogy. Trilogy is a three-piece modular paver, available in four new colors.  Trilogy will be installer-friendly, allowing for efficient installation as with many similar patterns.  And because it’s made with Solidia technology, there are additional benefits such as more vibrant colors, minimal efflorescence, and greater resistance to de-icing salts.  Solidia technology also has important environmental benefits: it produces less CO2 during manufacturing, it utilizes reclaimed CO2 during curing, and it requires less water throughout the manufacturing process.  There’s a lot to like about Trilogy!

EP Henry also added an exciting wall product for 2021, Cast Stone Wall in Ledgestone. In the past several years, Cast Stone Wall sales have grown substantially at Penn Stone, and we expect that to continue.  With the addition of Ledgestone Cast Stone Wall, EP Henry is offering an exciting new design in three new colors.

We have updated our outdoor showroom display to include all four colors of Trilogy as well as Ledgestone Cast Stone Wall, please stop in to see these exciting new products in person.

Discontinued products

Some products were discontinued for 2021. In most cases, these discontinued products are unlikely to affect many Penn Stone customers. The discontinued product list includes:

  • Lastra Porcelain Products
  • Chiseled Stone Cube III
  • Coventry Circle Kits
  • Coventry Brick Stone
  • Imperial Rustic Cobble
  • Chilton Flamed Steps
  • Compact Fire Ring Kit
  • Grand Fire Ring Kit

Color changes

Color changes with EP Henry are relatively minimal this year.  The most important note here is that both EP Henry and Penn Stone continue to move away from Autumn Blend.  EP Henry discontinued this color in multiple products, and Penn Stone is treating all Autumn Blend products as special-order items sold in full pallet quantities.  If you have projects that require this color, please communicate with us before preparing a quote to learn more.

Penn Stone and EP Henry

Regarding Penn Stone’s  EP Henry inventory and pricing, there are some important updates for 2021:

ColorTech Bristol Stone: Prior to the 2020 season, we made a decision to prioritize ColorTech Bristol Stone over “regular” Bristol Stone. We believe that ColorTech improves both the appearance and durability of our customers’ projects, and when we meet with homeowners selecting pavers, they agree that the benefits of ColorTech are worth the modest upcharge. With this in mind, we now stock Bristol Stone in ColorTech, and no longer stock non-ColorTech Bristol Stone. For our contractor customers, this means that we are selling ColorTech Bristol Stone to the closest layer, and non-ColorTech Bristol Stone is special-order and by full pallets only.

Bristol Stone Smooth: We are now stocking Bristol Stone Smooth and selling this to the closest layer for customer orders. We made this commitment following EP Henry’s decision to discontinue Village Square, in order to have a smooth paver option available. As above, Bristol Stone Smooth will be stocked in ColorTech only, and non-ColorTech products remain special order/full pallet only.

Solidia in Brickstone, Old Town Cobble, and Bullnose: EP Henry’s other introductory Solidia products are Brickstone, Old Town Cobble, and Bullnose in Brown and Charcoal colors. Availability of these products in Solidia has been unpredictable, but at the soonest opportunity, we plan to convert our inventory of these items to Solidia, and at that time, pricing will change accordingly.

Coventry I: We are depleting our inventory of Coventry I, and converting these products to special order/full pallet only.

TerraceWall Universal Caps: We no longer stock TerraceWall Universal Caps.  We continue to stock all other TerraceWall products, including Rectangular Caps.

2021 EP Henry Outlook

We are looking forward to very successful season with EP Henry in 2021.  It was very challenging and frustrating last year to manage product availability and customer expectations, and in anticipation of another year of record activity, we made a significant commitment to EP Henry’s Winter Booking program for 2021. We have invested nearly $50,000 in inventory to start the season, including:

  • Nearly 40 pallets of Coventry Wall III
  • Nearly 40 pallets of TerraceWall
  • Nearly 70 pallets of Bristol Stone
  • Over 60 pallets of Old Town Cobble
  • Nearly 20 pallets of Trilogy

There is one more important note about EP Henry in 2021 regarding availability of all ColorTech products. EP Henry is unable to produce ColorTech products in cold weather, and because of this, there is virtually no ColorTech inventory at this time. Once they resume production it may take many weeks until these products are available to dealers.  Combine this with our recent transition to focus on ColorTech Bristol Stone, and we are likely to face significant challenges until EP Henry rebuilds their stock.

With this in mind, we have two requests as we start the 2021 season. First, when planning a project, please communicate with us as early as possible about the product, color and quantity requirements.  Even when this information is only preliminary, it can be invaluable to help us ensure that we have the material you need on time, or to alert you to availability problems in a timely manner.  Second, please be flexible and prepare your customers for this as well.  We expect inventory to be lean and lead times to be long on some products.  We will do our best to offer as many options as possible for products that must be completed by a deadline, and we will work to acquire hard-to-get products as quickly as possible when necessary.

Visit Penn Stone for more information

EP Henry 2021 catalogs are available now, and you can also download a PDF version from our website at this page. To pick up catalogs and learn more about Penn Stone and EP Henry in 2021, please visit our showroom. And for professional contractors, click here to download our 2021 EP Henry Price List.


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